150 Inspirational birthday Wishes/messages to my boyfriend

love quotes for wife

What to write in a birthday message for boyfriend?

You can send a special someone a variety of thinking of you quotes. And images to let them know you’re thinking of them. These romantic happy birthday my love quotes and wishes are sure to make him smile. whether you’re celebrating a special occasion like his birthday or simply reminding him that she’s special. Your words should come from your heart, and these sweet happy birthday messages for him can help you get started:

Romantic birthday wishes for wife in english:

  1. You’re getting all that you have ever wished for very soon. Have an awesome birthday.

  2. Be less uptight and a little free and open to other ideas this year. Happy birthday.

  3. I love one fact about birthday- it’s the genuine reflection it brings into a man’s life. Have a great birthday as you reflect.

  4. You have your life ahead of you. It’s about time to start living like you want something from life. Happy birthday.

  5. I have a good birthday message tucked away somewhere in my heart because I want to tell you to get up and take charge! Happy birthday

  6. I would rather have you do what your heart wants and get disappointed than shy away and never know what could have been. Happy birthday.

  7. I hope you remember that all that you’ll ever be is not as important as who you are. Happy birthday.

  8. This life you have is a gift that comes but ones. Cherish it and use it to your advantage. Happy birthday.

  9. Great things will locate you this year and beyond. Be ready! Happy birthday.

  10. I love your spirit and pray daily that something that fierce never gets broken. Happy birthday.

Romantic birthday wishes
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Success birthday wishes for boyfriend:

  1. I will always be a support to your dreams of becoming. Happy birthday.

  2. I look forward and see a future that has a happy you. Stay happy birthday boy!

  3. I beg to differ that some good things do indeed come easy for people like you who believe. Happy birthday.

  4. You have all it takes right there in your heart and up there on your mind. Go have all fantastic birthday with this thought pressed upon your heart.

  5. I am going to be watching from my corner as you take the world by surprise. Happy birthday.

  6. I hope you find a lot this year except the room to sit on your ass and be lazy. Happy birthday, dear.

  7. You have never been to a time like this, you will never be again. Enjoy every moment and prosper in it. Happy birthday.

  8. Your deck may be smooth or scattered. Either way, you’re at liberty to enjoy or reshuffle to suit how you want to feel. Happy birthday, dear.

  9. I have this thing for birthday people. It’s called the craving to dish out advice. With you, I only want you to live your best life.

  10. Yes! I love what you have been able to achieve in just a few days. Oops! Such a trailblazer worth celebrating on your birthday and beyond.

Simple birthday message for wife from husband:

  1. Celebrate your birthday with your hope alive and your zest doubled and geared towards being the beat that you are.

  2. You have been an awesome personality all year, it’s about time for the world to see you for who you are. Happy birthday.

  3. You have been a source of inspiration to all the people around you. This is your year to stay inspired against all odds. Happy birthday.

  4. You have to believe that you have all that it takes to stay afloat and succeeding now and forever. Happy birthday.

  5. This is just the beginning of greater things for you. Happy birthday

  6. I hope this birthday makes the end of failures and the beginning of success for you.

  7. You have been in the dark for too long. May this new year be about the revelation of the hope that is waiting for you in the dark. Happy birthday.

  8. May this new year be all about good news for you and your, you have worked so hard in the past years. Happy birthday.

  9. I hope you find it okay to go out of your way to help others and also receive help because life is really lived well with people around. Happy birthday, champ.

  10. You may not be perfect but, I see you. I do. Happy birthday, darling.

Short birthday wishes for boyfriend:

  1. There is hope for the future and greatness waiting to be explored. Happy birthday.

  2. Do not be dismayed. This birthday is going to be an awesome one for you and yours.

  3. Have faith in yourself and enjoy this celebration. Happy birthday

  4. May the love that you have always speak so fondly about find a way in your life. Happy birthday

  5. You, my dear, have been a true beauty. I love and cherish you. Happy birthday.

  6. What you do not know if that every day I wake up to see that you’re still pressing on gives me hope to do more. Happy birthday.

  7. I hope you’re reminded of your own words today and beyond. Happy birthday.

  8. Wonderful people are real, you have proven to be an unrelenting wonder. Happy birthday.

  9. Birthdays are best celebrated in purpose. I am glad that you have found yours. Happy birthday

  10. You have taught me to shun all kinds of fear. I hope you take your own advise this year. Happy birthday

Romantic birthday wishes
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Heart touching birthday wishes for girlfriend:

  1. No matter the cost, you will succeed and do large things. Happy birthday.

  2. I believe in you and the things you stand for and I am joining my faith with yours as we call a wonderful year upon you. Happy birthday

  3. The vision is clearer now than it has ever been. If this isn’t something to be optimistic about, I don’t know what is. Happy birthday.

  4. Never give up on all the things you feel for and hope to achieve. Happy birthday.

  5. Do not stop hoping that all will be well for you and yours. Happy birthday.

  6. There is so much to be grateful for and also so much goodness to anticipate. Happy birthday.

  7. May this new year be good enough for all year round happiness. Happy birthday.

  8. Have it in mind that as you celebrate another year, more challenges may abound. Also, do not forget that grace is sufficient for you. Happy birthday.

  9. I have never felt more inclined about the things I want from my life as I have felt in the past few years with you. Happy birthday, dear.

  10. You are hope and light for a greater generation. I am here to say happy birthday and show you how much faith I have in your dreams.

Short birthday wishes for boyfriend:

  1. You are a trailblazer and an amazing helpmate. Happy birthday

  2. You have taught me what true friendship means in fewer words and more action. Happy birthday.

  3. I have this hope within concerning l that you stand for. This year is the year! Happy birthday.

  4. You are not wrong to have your thoughts geared towards hitting the jackpot this year. Happy birthday

  5. It is about time. Love will meet you and cause you to break out in smiles. Happy birthday.

  6. I am hopeful that this year is loaded enough to help you achieve all your dreams.

  7. There is nothing impossible in the face of belief and passion. You have both. Hence, go do the impossible! Happy birthday

  8. There is feasting everywhere. You just need the strength to munch on the right dose of success and boom! Happy birthday.

  9. I hope you do not become a shadow of your self or a caricature of your mistakes. Happy birthday

  10. You are more than words can ever sum up. Happy birthday

Long birthday message for girlfriend:

  1. Do not disbelief the strength and passion that you carry around. Happy birthday.

  2. Lots of the great thing I have achieved today have been inspired by you. Happy birthday.

  3. Keep being a voice to all and sundry and for all that lack one. Happy birthday.

  4. I do not have the perfect prayers. I just wish that the universe will reward your labor of love this year.

  5. There is a beginning to every end. And your end and begin another chapter, rise indeed and begin to take territory! Happy birthday

  6. There’s so much to do and contribute to. May this year not make you lose focus.

  7. You have a place in your hearts for everyone. It beats me. Happy birthday dear

  8. You have loved and lost but have never shown lack of courage. One of the strongest I know. Happy birthday.

  9. There are days that I want to just bare my heart to you, I often do this and never regret. Happy birthday, dear.

  10. Great things still happen to good people. Happy birthday

Romantic birthday wishes
Asian happy beautiful women blogger smiling and holding smartphone.

SImple birthday wishes for best friend:

  1. I have learned so much about embracing what life has to offer from you and yours.

  2. Yes! You may get tired. No, you can’t quit. Happy birthday.

  3. I have this conviction that as long as the sun shines still, four greatness is bound to happen. Happy birthday.

  4. Every day, I see a reason to remain hopeful that tomorrow indeed is full of grace.

  5. You are a person of substance and grace. Happy birthday.

  6. You have been a source of strength and inspiration to many and me in particular. Happy birthday.

  7. Loaves of all the things I know today. You made them happen seamlessly. Happy birthday.

  8. Today is not gratitude day. Yeah? But, I still feel no one would hurt if I made it a day to remember and bring to

  9. your notice all the awesome things you have done that have contributed to my growth. Happy birthday.

  10. I can’t say this louder than I have already been saying it. You matter. Period. Happy birthday.

Heart touching birthday wishes for lover:

  1. The day you start thinking of ways to do what you already believe you can do is the day I switch to another radar of respect for you.

  2. I have a standing confidence in you and what you believe to be true. Keep things up. Happy birthday.

  3. It sure takes more than few words to make an occasion like this glorious. Happy birthday.

  4. You are a leader by default. I see an exemplary living and I am chuffed. Happy birthday

  5. When I think of how far you have come, I marvel. Happy birthday

  6. There is nothing as beautiful as having someone in love with you by your side as you celebrate a birthday. I wish you a happy one.

  7. May God’s will come to fruition for you and cause you to break out in smiles.

  8. You are going higher. Yes, you are. Happy birthday.

  9. May this new beginning birth great things in your life and yours.

  10. I am forever grateful for such a great heart and unmatchable wisdom that you carry. Happy birthday.

Most heart touching birthday wishes for boyfriend:

  1. You are one out of many set out to make the world a better place. Happy birthday.

  2. I am confident of the fact that all that you have ever wished for will happen for you this year. Happy birthday.

  3. Go into this new year with the belief that you will get Lucky. Happy birthday.

  4. With time, you’ll get all that your heart wishes for. You just need to be patient. Happy birthday

  5. Your work will pay off. Maybe not immediately, but eventually. Happy birthday.

  6. You are the person who always hold my hand gently, who listen to my voice day and night, and make everything right that goes around me. There are not enough words to explain why I love you,
    happy birthday to that boyfriend.
  7. Dearest boyfriend, You’re the most special person to me and I want to let you know you mean the world to me.
  8. I’m so lucky to be your girl. Happy birthday my love.
  9. Today will be one of the best days for us. On a day like this, my lovely boyfriend was born. I feel blessed to know you and to call you mine. Thank you for being the best thing to ever happen to me. Happy birthday, my love.
  10. Sometimes I feel like shouting to the world how much I love you and how lucky I am to have beside me the most wonderful boyfriend. Happy birthday to my boyfriend.

Best birthday wishes for boyfriend:

  1. Happy birthday to my boyfriend. Each day we spend together makes me more and more sure that you’re the right one for me. May your birthday be filled with laughter and love.
  2. You know that you are so important for me. Because of this you covered very big piece from my little heart. I hope that continues to the eternity. Happy funniest birthday boyfriend, have a good day.
  3. Dear Boyfriend, I’ve never met such a hard-working boyfriend. You put in long hard hours on the sofa and give so much of your efforts in sports watching. Keep up the good work, babe. Wishing you a happy birthday.
  4. Today your birthday and one of special day in my life. Today I want to give so warm hugs and hot kisses but most
  5. important is I want to say you I love you when I look at your eyes with love. Happy birthday boyfriend, I love you so much.

Simples Text Masseges for birthday:

  1. I am yours and you are mine. Like Every birthday this birthday is also special and you will see how! I am just waiting for tomorrow morning and you will get the huge surprise. Happy birthday to the man I love.
  2. My dear boyfriend, you are the most important for me and for my life. I want you to know you are like my world.
  3. When you are upset, I am like still sea but when you are happy, I am like happy mornings. I’m so joy to be your girlfriend. Happy birthday my love.
  4. Birthday greetings to the joy and the love of my life! Wishing you the most amazing and unforgettable special day! Happy birthday boyfriend.

Long distance birthday wishes for boyfriend:

  1. You have given me a lot of lovely and Irreplaceable memories in my life. So, I am sending you tons of Birthday wishes my boyfriend. Happy Birthday to the boy I have fallen for, Stay Blessed!
  2. When I fall you supported me, when I rise you supported me. You have always supported me. Thanks for everything. My bright light, my sun, my morning.. Happy birthday boyfriend, I will always love you.
  3. Your smile, love, and laugh make me live my life more happily. Thanks for all the support you gave
  4. Happy birthday to my prince on his white horse. I feel so happy that you are in my world. Really you should believe that you are like a prince because you have wonderful character, looking very good face, a very strength and tall body. My prince always I love you. Be always with me.
  5. All the love birds pray that they together forever. Who can imagine a life without a loved one by your side? You can even never imagine this thing. So, remind of him that they are the most sweetest thing in the world and you cannot stay without them. Happy birthday to the man I love.

Cool birthday wishes for girls:

  1. Dear lovely boyfriend, I can give up everything for your most beautiful smiling to me. I was knew you will be important since I met with you, but I feel glad. Probably I can spend my every moment with you because I’m not aware the time with you. Happy birthday my love my boyfriend.
  2. My heartiest congratulation are for those Mom and Dad who give birth to your. You are such a beautiful soul and heart. You always remind me that you are the boy with whom I want to spend my whole life. Happy birthday sweetheart.
  3. I don’t have much to give you as a birthday gift but I promise, no matter how the condition will. no matter where we will be but my love for you will never change. Happy Birthday dear boyfriend!

  4. Happy Birthday to a special person who is bringing so much joy to my heart. I am thankful for every moment we spend together, and I wish our happiness never ends.

  5. You have given me a lot of lovely and Irreplaceable memories in my life. So, I am sending you tons of Birthday wishes my boyfriend. Happy birthday to the boy I have fallen for, Stay Blessed!

  6. My dream of a perfect person come true with the first meeting with you. You become my special one just after the first meeting. I wish we both remain the same always, no matter whatever comes. Happy birthday my special one.

Long emotional birthday wishes letter for boyfriend:

  1. May this day be as sunny as your smile, and as beautiful as you are. You shine every day, but on this day, you will shine the brightest. Happy birthday to my boyfriend.

  2. If wishes were rose flowers, then I would be the proud owner of a beautiful garden just to wish you a very prosperous birthday. Happy Birthday, my love.

  3. To An Incredible Man, Happy Birthday. Someone as special as you deserves a birthday celebration to match!I hope your day is bursting with lots of fun, presents and all the people who brighten your life!

  4. I didn’t choose you because you are always there for me nor because you are funny and cute but because you are the man that makes me happy. Celebrate this day to the fullest sweetheart. Happy birthday to my boyfriend.

  5. I am planning a naughty Birthday party for you. What you say for a relaxing spa and followed by hands on strawberry and cream session in bed. Not bad right? I hope you will get ready to celebrate the Awesome Birthday treat! Happy birthday my love!

Long Birthday Masseges for lovers:

  1. Your birthday is the highlight of my calendar. I am looking forward to spending many more wonderful years with you! Happy birthday to my boyfriend.

  2. Wishing you all the best on your special day, Handsome! I hope this finds you surrounded by those that matter most and filled with happiness.

  3. My wish for you on this special day is that you shine brighter than a diamond. May your wishes on this special day come to pass, my dear lover. Happy birthday to my boyfriend.

  4. You stepped into my life and mended a broken heart. You stitched up my open wounds and showed me how to love fearlessly. For your birthday, I offer my sincerest gratitude for everything you do. Happy birthday to the man I love.

Emotional birthday wishes for a boyfriend:

  1. If I could put my heart on paper and ink for you, I would have done it. Not because I’m crazy, but to show you how much I love you. Wishing you a very happy birthday my sweetheart!
  2. Happy Birthday to the most handsome man in the world. I love you so much, and I hope that this year is the best for you.
  3. Am don’t know why I fell for you but it happened and love you more than myself now… I don’t know why you love me but hope this is for all the right reasons. I love you.. Wishing you a very happy birthday dear boyfriend!
  4. You are very important to me, and I love being with you. You make me laugh, and every day that I am with you is filled with joy. I hope you have a wonderful day today. Happy birthday boyfriend.
  5. The warmest bday wishes to my adorable boyfriend! I feel so happy when you are next to me, honey, I wish you the most amazing special day that you will always remember!

Long birthday wish for boyfriend:

  1. I may not be the most beautiful girl of this world. may not be poise and I may have flaws, but one thing I can assure you that no one will love you like I do. Feel loved this birthday! Sending a warm hug your way. Happy birthday baby!
  2. You are a special person for me. So, you are going to receive a special place in my heart and special wishes for Birthday as a boyfriend. Happy Birthday my love.
  3. Success, good health and happiness are your potions this year. Turning a year older is a big deal and I’m glad I get to be by your side as you grow up, for the rest of your life.
  4. Thank you for being the cause of my good days and for helping me get through my worst. Happy birthday to my boyfriend.
  5. This birthday, I am going to give a special gift of this year. Just wait until all eat the cake and food and let the entire guest leave. This night is going to be the unforgettable night. Just blow the candle and make a wish, because your wish is going to complete this night! Happy birthday to the man I love.
  6. Whenever you dance, Dance like no one is watching, Love and no lover had ever made before like you, sing songs as no one is hearing you and always live like as you are living in heaver! My lot of warm wishes for you and happy birthday my love!

Heart touching birthday wishes for boyfriend paragraph:

  1. I’m really blessed to have you in my life as nothing could be more special than the day when you came into my life. So thank you and a very happy birthday for a special person. Happy birthday to the man I love.
  2. When I sleep you are my sleep, when I close my eye you are Vision. You are smile of my lips and you are beating of my heart. You are my god in my prayers. Happy birthday my love you give my life a light.
  3. You are the person I love the most in the world, no matter the distance that sometimes separates us, on this special day I want to tell you how much I love you and wish you are surrounded by all your loved ones. Happy birthday my love.
  4. Happy birthday to my boyfriend! As you blow out the candles and open your gifts, remember what an amazing guy you are to everyone fortunate enough to know you. Enjoy your special day to the fullest!
  5. To my dear boyfriend on his birthday, I hope this turns out to be the best birthday ever. Have a wonderful year to come. I love you so much.

Happy birthday wishes simple text:

  1. Happy Birthday to the sweetest person I know! Have an awesome day and stay blessed. Happy birthday to my boyfriend!
  2. I’m so thankful to have a boyfriend that’s as warm, compassionate, and understanding as you are to me. Happy birthday to the man I love!
  3. Happy Birthday, sweetheart. I love you so much, and want to be with you for a very long time. I hope this year brings you everything you ever hoped for.
  4. You love, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness make you a perfect boyfriend than any other in this world. Today on this special day I promise you that I’ll always be yours and I also promise that I’ll never let you apart from me no matter what the condition is there. Happy birthday boyfriend!!
  5. Because today’s your birthday, And because you’re extra nice, One wish is not enough for you And so here’s wishing twice! Hoping your Birthday’s wonderful In every single way, And next year brings happiness For my love everyday! Happy birthday to the man I love.
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