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In this article, we will share with you the most heart-touching quotes for a girlfriend/boyfriend. We know that these days, depression is mostly people who are faced. So, that’s why ignorance is most important than letting go. Here, we are providing you most important or heart-touching ignorance quotes for love. When someone ignores you send him, such likes amazing quotes maybe he/she realizes about such ignorance.

Sad quotes about ignorance in love;

“Cut off fake people for real reasons,
Not real people for fake reasons.”
“Ignorance is bitter than hurting.”
“My patience and you ignorance
lets see who wins.”
“Being ignored, Worst feeling ever.”
“You treated me like an option
so I left you like a choice.”
“Never love anybody who treats you like you’re ordinary.”
“I want to be a part of your life not your history or memory
I want to be your future.”
Loneliness is better than ignorance.”
“Never play with someone’s feeling
just because you’re unsure of your own.”
“Your ignorance makes me to love u more.”
“Never play with someone’s feeling
just because you’re unsure of your own.”
“It’s weird how the happiest memories drive you to tears.”
“So tell me the truth for once…
did you ever truly love me.”
“It’s just a bad day. Not a bad life.”

Status about ignorance in relationship:

“The tragedy of life is not death
but what we let die inside of us while we live.”
“It’s just a bad day. Not a bad life.”
“Relationship never dies they are murdered
by ego, attitude, and ignorance.”
You ignorance hurts me more than your tensions ever can.”
“Just because I’m here for you all the time
doesn’t mean you can take me for granted.”
“Ignorance is your new best friend.”
“Everything is going to be alright
maybe not today but eventually…”
“Don’t judge me based on your ignorance.”
“My silence is not weakness but
the beginning of my revenge.”
“Ignorance is bliss.”
Ignorance is the night of the mind,
but a night without moon or star.”
“In anger, They throw ignorance at each other.”
“Ignorance is a poison that kills love,
friendship, and all the good feelings.”
“Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.”
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