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How to tell your ex you still love/miss him || When he has a girlfriend

Even if you decide to end it all, ending a love relationship may be difficult and painful. People fall out of love and separate, but it doesn’t make ending a relationship simple.

Getting back on your feet after a breakup might seem hard at times. Breakups, according to a study, can have a significant impact on a person’s health, including sleeplessness, changes in appetite, troubling thoughts, impaired immune function, and even broken heart syndrome. An illness that has symptoms that are similar to those of a heart attack.

It’s most likely a factor in their bad performance. It’s natural for people to have feelings, whether they start a breakup or not. In some cases, the main issue of the breakup is lack of money.

Because most people’s sentiments fade with time, you may find yourself in a position where, no matter how much time passes, you still feel like you’re losing your old self.

Are you in love with each other Should you tell your ex how you feel, and what are some of the methods you could be willing to communicate with him or her?

still love, loving couples
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What does it mean when you still love your ex:

There is no such thing as a “texting bible” that can tell you whether or not you should tell your ex that you still love them with an unambiguous yes or no.

There are certain instances where this is the case. It can, however, assist you in determining whether or not you should approach him. Here are some examples of appropriate methods to express your love:

  1. Breakup Due to wronge reason
  2. Sometime you’re life changed
  3. You’re Ex still singles

1. Breakup due to wrong reason:

In the heat of the moment, we may make hasty judgments that we later regret. If you split up with your ex for reasons you now believe were incorrect, it’s a good idea to see if he or she is prepared to meet and discuss it. Telling her that you love her isn’t going to help her.

Instead, consider why you’ve come to the conclusion that you’ve overreacted. Discussing matters in a calm, neutral setting might help you both realize where things went wrong. If he is tolerant and understanding, you might offer that you attempt to figure out if you still have feelings for each other. If not, here’s a brand-new item just for you!

2. Sometime you’re life changed:

It may be a good idea to try to mend the fence with your ex if your relationship has at least partially terminated due to a problem in your own life. Many factors can influence how we work, including alcohol, workaholism, and an undiscovered medical condition.

If you’ve had this problem before or obtained assistance for it, attempt to call your ex and explain the circumstance as well as your change. Her response will reveal whether she is willing to rekindle your romance.

3. You’re Ex still single:

It’s a good idea to let your ex-boyfriend know that you still have feelings for him if you communicate with him via text messages or phone calls on a regular basis.

Make a meeting time at a neutral location and observe how things go. Try to talk to him about it if you think he’s implying that he still has romantic emotions for you.

While this might indicate that he simply wants to remain friends, it could also indicate that he regrets the split and is interested in getting back together.

still love, loving couples
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